Thursday, March 17, 2011

What We "Girls" Loved Most

Buy something nice and/or do something nice.

I'm not talking about an expensive gift or a grand gesture - I'm talking about a little token just to say that you love them. If you're still together, I assume you do. In addition(or even instead) you can do something nice for them. Why not make a nice meal? Why not offer to do a task that they usually do? Trust me, it will be appreciated.

We women, wanted to be pampered and cared. Sad to say, I haven't experienced such in a way that I was fulfilled and is satisfied. But, I still hope that time will come, this certain guy, be it the person I'm with now or any other guy destined to make me happy later on. Frankly speaking, I wasn't happy with my life. Still wondering, how it feels to be loved.. corny as you have read it..but as life is too short..we deserved to be loved.


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