Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ways to Say "I Love You"

Saying I love you takes work. It's hard to be honest, and it's hard to accept the consequences of your honesty and authenticity. It takes time, energy, and commitment to stay connected through all the problems that life and people bring. It can be painful, aggravating, and scary to stick it out through all the ups and downs....but the alternative is worse.

  • Say what you mean when you say I love you. Say why.
  • Learn ways to rekindle the romance.
  • Give space when they're in a bad or sad mood.
  • Ask questions about opinions, feelings, thoughts.
  • Trust your partner enough to cry together.
  • Say "I love you" by giving your full attention when talking.
  • Become their biggest fan and cheerleader!
  • Talk about your day during mealtimes.



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