Thursday, March 17, 2011

Poor Marriage Communication Changes Relationships

If you and your spouse had poor communication, this situation might have a very different outcome. Frustration, mistrust, tension, and defensiveness can intensify your conflict. Poor communication skills can perpetuate destructive patterns. You'll find it difficult to work through emotions and solve problems.

Communication is a lot more complex than most people believe. It's about so much more than the words people say. In fact, verbal communication is actually a rather small part of an exchange. Just changing your words may not be enough to help your relationship.

" Badly need it now!. Miscommunication really creates a not so good environment for both of us. All I need is time and space. When can I have it? Can I have it before I lose my mind and think of giving up, just to stay away from you? Do I have to leave my kids and family who cares a lot than you, in order for me to be free..? "


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